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A luxurious experience giving beautiful results

Vitamins and minerals infused into the products, with active ingredients and pure essential oils to stimulate the

nails, skin and emotions. Nails and cuticles are shaped to perfection, hands and arms are massaged releasing tension and giving a luxurious spa feeling of ease and well-being.  

Choose from our classic or OPI gel options. 


OPI gel offers quick and easy to apply, colour-sure high gloss gels that won’t lift, shrink, chip or fade, with up to 14 days of wear. They contain active ingredients, vitamins and essential minerals for ultimate

conditioning and hydration. 

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Custom Manicure

The Custom Manicure is a ‘celebrity’ manicure for those who want a little luxury when time is of the essence. 


Classic 40 minutes /Gel 50 minutes

Monday to Thursday £27/£32

Friday to Sunday £32/£37

Immaculate Manicure 

This complete treatment exfoliates, nourishes and protects your hands and nails against the daily wear and tear of a busy lifestyle. 


Classic 55 minutes/Gel 65 minutes 

Monday to Thursday £33/£38

Friday to Sunday £38/£43


See the Spa in the Garden brochure

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